ARackAbove | Safer, Smarter & Stronger Overhead Storage Racks

Creating innovative storage solutions while providing unparalleled convenience, and safety for homeowners.

Faced with significant life changes, Steve and Becky Schindehette moved from a spacious house to a garage-less condominium, prompting the need for a storage unit. Downsizing forced them to rent an expensive unit across town.

Transporting items to and from the storage unit was time-consuming and frustrating. Inside the storage unit, finding items was a constant annoyance.

In his quest for organization, Steve bought shelves and cabinets but realized they occupied floor space, hindered maneuverability, and provided limited functionality. Managing resulting clutter became a daily frustration.

In pursuit of a solution, Steve pondered, “How can I utilize this overhead space?” Renters can't drill or attach anything to the walls or ceiling. With thoughtful consideration, he conceived a creative solution without drilling a single hole!

With his innovative product, ARackAbove, Steve not only overcame the storage unit restrictions, but added over 40 square feet of overhead storage to his 10’ x 10’ unit.

ARackAbove is revolutionizing overhead garage storage. It offers a practical and affordable solution for people to organize and reclaim their living spaces. 

Remarkably, ARackAbove stands alone as the world's only portable overhead garage storage rack. Steve's story is a testament to determination and ingenuity in facing life's challenges.

Elevate Your Life with a Little Help From Above

Like Steve, you too will experience peace of mind when simplicity meets ingenuity. Wave “farewell” to your storage headaches and “welcome” a new generation of space-saving happiness with ARackAbove!