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Are you tired of walking over the clutter to get through your garage? Do you struggle to get out of the car comfortably? ARackAbove has addressed your pain with its’ portable, freestanding, overhead garage storage rack. Our rack is guaranteed put an end to your frustration and a smile on your face.  You will enter your home with renewed positive energy.

From its conception, ARackAbove was designed differently. It was time for change from the typical overhead garage ceiling racks. ARackAbove had to meet four criteria:

  1. It could not take up floor space.
  2. Did not require drilling or anchors.
  3. Vehicles could be parked under it.
  4. Could be relocated when your family moves.

ARackAbove not only met these difficult design criteria, but exceeded expectations with its lightweight, aluminum design and easy assembly.

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A Better Approach

Maximize Your Garage's Potential

ARackAbove gets your cars back in the garage.

ARackAbove features a 48″ shelf that spans the entire width of ANY garage and adjusts to your height, keeping items within arms reach and allowing you to ditch the ladder.

ARackAbove will fit ANY size garage. The independent telescoping legs adjust to go up and down steps, behind hot water heaters, around AC units and between eletrical boxes.

Ceiling mounted storage racks damage your home’s trusses. It’s true! You could be damaging your existing roof system due to excessive suspended weight. What if the installer split a truss with a big screw?  If you are a new home owner, using ceiling mounted racks could void your new home warranty (check with your builder).

ARackAbove is free standing. It will not damage your home and is able to accommodate a combined weight of 2000 lbs.

Get your valuable items out of that hot attic.  Attics in Florida will exceed 180 degrees in the summer. Those temperatures will damage valuable items in a short period of time. With the large amount of overhead storage ARackAbove provides, your valuables will be safe and your cars back in the garage where they belong.

ARackAbove is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, build friendships and clear a path to a happier, more positive life.

It may be best garage storage accessory ever!

– Fits 1/2/3 Car Garages
– Reclaims Floor Space
– Condo Storage
–  Restaurant Kitchen Storage
– Office Building Storage
– Maintenance Rooms
– Racing Trailers
– Industrial Applications

Or anywhere you have space above.

ARackAbove Quality

ARackAbove had to be manufactured in America. It was not an option. Constructed of high strength, corrosion-resistant aluminum, the 1-car garage unit is engineer-certified to hold weight up to 1,000 lbs, while the 2-car unit holds up to 1,760 lbs.  ARackAbove engineering is provided by Celtic Engineering in Windermere, Florida. Celtic provides engineering for ARackAbove as well as the major theme parks locally and worldwide.

ARackAbove is the last overhead garage storage rack you will ever need to purchase. ARackAbove is easily disassembled and reinstalled in ANY garage.

No matter where life takes you, ARackAbove will be with you!

Organize My Space


Easy to Install

  • One Person Assembly
  • Rack Weighs < 200 lbs
  • Will Not Damage Your Home
  • No Drilling or Tools
  • Fits Behind Heaters & A/C
  • Reduce Ladder Injuries

Strong and Durable

  • Holds up to 2,000 lbs.
  • Aluminum - Never Rusts
  • Adjustable Shelf
  • Hang Items Below
  • Adjustable Leveling Feet
  • Industrial Shelving

A Lifetime of Benefit

  • Reduce Clutter & Stress
  • Promote Positive Energy
  • Immediate Satisfaction
  • Cars In the Garage
  • Take It With You
  • A Lifetime Investment!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • ARackAbove is so easy to assemble one person can do it! It creates quick, very large, strong and accessible overhead storage. You will quickly be able to reclaim your space and possibly get your car in the garage.

  • No, it’s the ideal storage solution for any location that could benefit from utilizing the space overhead or where defacing walls and ceilings is not an option. ARackAbove has endless applications. If you can think it, ARackAbove will fit it!

    1. The price for ARackAbove is a fraction of those costly garage organization systems that will most likely stay with your home when you leave.
    2. ARackAbove goes with you when you relocate.
    3. You won’t need to buy another storage solution in your lifetime. In fact, you may have the kids arguing over who gets it!
    4. If you are renting a storage unit, ARackAbove may help reduce the need for renting larger or even additional units saving you thousands of dollars each year in storage fees.

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What Our Satisfied Customers Are Saying

“I was forced to give up my storage unit. Suddenly my garage was packed with stuff. There was no chance of ever getting my car in there. When I saw that my neighbor installed ARackAbove, I thought, ‘I need that!’ It’s the best thing I have ever done for my garage.”

Linette - Retired

“I found myself struggling to operate a small business out of our garage. ARackAbove has allowed us to easily organize our personal belongings separate from the business products. Our car is in the garage and things are off the floor. We couldn’t be happier!”

Dan - KingKracken Adventure Bikes

“We needed more space than our 2-car garage offered. The ARackAbove system cleaned up the garage and exceeded our storage expectations.

It’s ease of installation, and impressive strength handled everything we put on it.”

Tony - Financial Services

“I chose ARackAbove after seeing Steve’s display at a local Orlando home show. The design is strong and well-engineered. I love that the design allows the rack to be moved around the garage as my needs change. The huge shelf meets my storage needs and if we move to a new home, we take it with us! The best part is I park my car under it. I also moved my work bench under it as well. I love being able to walk under it and work at my bench!”

Steve -Aeronautical Engineer

“Leaving our cars in the driveway not only damaged the vehicles but was also uncomfortably hot whenever we got inside to drive anywhere. Getting our cars back in the garage has been such a relief. Without ARackAbove overhead storage, I am not sure how this would have been possible.”

Martin - Professional Photographer

“We needed more storage in our garage. We spoke with Steve Schindehette from ARackAbove at the Orlando Home Show a few weeks ago. He patented this storage system that’s free standing and can hold so much stuff! The shelf is 48″ wide.

Definitely helps with organization.”

Charlene - Four Seasons Resident

“Moving into a smaller home meant I had less space to store items. I had no choice but to rent a 10×10 storage space. It was not the ideal situation. I saw ARackAbove at a home show. I was sold right there. After the installation, I was surprised at how much storage it actually provides. I was able to move a lot of stuff from my storage unit to the garage, resulting in moving to a smaller rental unit (saving money). It’s also great to have items closer without the need to go to the storage unit. Steve was extremely friendly, responsive and the install was quick and easy. HIGHLY recommend ARackAbove.”

Luis, Information Technology