The Ultimate Bicycle Storage/Display Pole


Transform your bicycle storage with this game-changing solution. Crafted from custom extruded aluminum, this bike display pole combines a sleek, brilliantly powder-coated contemporary design with robust build quality just for you.

Enjoy effortless assembly with meticulous engineering – no drilling required, ensuring your space remains intact.

ABikeAbove -  it’s a reliable choice for any cyclist. Mount it easily between the floor and ceiling and store up to four bikes (2 hooks included) – perfect for cycling enthusiasts, families with multiple bikes, or busy bike shops looking to gain floor space.

Enhance your environment with your choice of a custom color and a compact design. This bike stand will add a touch of class to your living room, office, garage, or shop.

Manufactured in the United States, it comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty, guaranteeing lasting satisfaction.

ABikeAbove is not just storing your bikes – it’s showcasing your bikes as works of art, worthy of the spotlight.

For the discerning cyclist, this stand promises exceptional functionality and joy.

Elevate your biking experience today.

  • Pole extends to 11.5' ceilings
  • Includes 2 Bike Hooks
  • Adjustable from 11'" - 15" Off Pole for Handlebars
  • Hook Arms Adjust to Keep Bike Level
  • All Hardware Included
A Little Help From Above

A Little Help from above

Why ARackAbove is Your Easiest and Best Bet for Overhead Storage