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4 Reasons Why Garage Ceiling Storage Racks are Unsafe:

  • The Joists in many garage roof structures are not rated for extra weight, hanging ceiling storage racks can add too much weight, bringing down the entire roof structure in extreme cases.
  • Cheap manufacture of these hanging ceiling racks is done mostly in China. The welded joints and the fastening bolts have been found, in many cases to be of inferior materials and have failed.  Not just the numerous recalls; the latest of which can be seen here:

(That particular recall was the result of at least one person being injured on the  neck and face.) The recall affected the bolts used to attach the system to the ceiling, but the problem is MUCH DEAPER than that.

3)The construction materials used in the roof and the joists of the roof may be of inferior quality, as compared to the roof and joists the garage ceiling storage racks were designed for!

Think about a home that is built out of solid lumber: We call those “stick built” homes. You’ll still see pine and fir studs in the walls, of course, and ceilings were once made out of solid wood as well. 

These days, roofs and ceilings are another story.

Rarely are homes built with solid lumber ceiling joists anymore, especially when it comes to the joists that form your garage ceiling. As the old saying goes, “They don’t make ‘em like they used to.”


In most homes built since 2000, builders have used engineered I-Joists for long spans, like garage ceilings.

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Engineered I-joists are made of OSB (Oriented Strand Board) that is similar to particleboard. Wood flakes (called “strands”) are glued together and compressed to make a thin sheet. This sheet forms the vertical portion of the beam.

The horizontal parts (called “flanges”) were, at one time, made from 2×4 lumber. For several years now, however, flanges are made of OSB too. There is ABSOLUTELY NO SOLID WOOD in the I-joist and it is bonded together with glue.

The picture above is the best-case scenario for engineered I-joists. Most I-joists that we see daily have only 7/16”-thick vertical structure or less.

Builders use engineered I-joists because they do what they are designed to do; span long distances and support the roof structure with enough strength left over for variables like snow and roof workers to do short-term repairs. They also provide a way to network cables and pipes throughout a structure in a way that neatly hides them in the space between the ceiling of the garage and the floor of the room above the garage.


Yes, we’ve seen the elaborate mechanisms that some YouTube DIYers have used to make it a little easier. The fact remains, however, that working above your head for a long period of time is tiring.

It’s not so much the physical discomfort that causes long-term problems. It’s the lack of accuracy that the fatigue causes.

We’ve seen it, many times. Here is a video that we shot during one of our factory installations. The homeowner asked us to remove their overhead rack because they felt “unsafe.”

Most ceiling-hung systems are attached to the ceiling at four or six points. This is itself a problem since you are guaranteed to have two of these load-supporting points compromising a single joist.

Moreover, it’s common to find that only three of the four support points are correctly installed in the ceiling with the fourth attached only to sheetrock. While the manufacturer cannot be directly held responsible for faulty installation, it is the difficulty of the installation that causes the repeated problem.

We Recommend A Rack Above to solve all These Problems



ARackAbove gets your cars back in the garage.


ARackAbove features a 48″ shelf that spans the entire width of ANY garage and adjusts to your height, keeping items within arms reach and allowing you to ditch the ladder.


ARackAbove will fit ANY size garage. The independent telescoping legs adjust to go up and down steps, behind hot water heaters, around AC units and between eletrical boxes.


Ceiling mounted storage racks damage your home’s trusses. It’s true! You could be damaging your existing roof system due to excessive suspended weight. What if the installer split a truss with a big screw? If you are a new home owner, using ceiling mounted racks could void your new home warranty (check with your builder).


ARackAbove is free standing. It will not damage your home and is able to accommodate a combined weight of 2000 lbs.


Get your valuable items out of that hot attic. Attics in Florida will exceed 180 degrees in the summer. Those temperatures will damage valuable items in a short period of time. With the large amount of overhead storage ARackAbove provides, your valuables will be safe and your cars back in the garage where they belong.


ARackAbove is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, build friendships and clear a path to a happier, more positive life.


It may be best garage storage accessory ever!

Easy to Install

One Person Assembly
Rack Weighs < 200 lbs
Will Not Damage Your Home
No Drilling or Tools
Fits Behind Heaters & A/C
Reduce Ladder Injuries

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Strong and Durable

Holds up to 2,000 lbs.
Aluminum – Never Rusts
Adjustable Shelf
Hang Items Below
Adjustable Leveling Feet
Industrial Shelving

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A Lifetime of Benefit

Reduce Clutter & Stress
Promote Positive Energy
Immediate Satisfaction
Cars In the Garage
Take It With You
A Lifetime Investment!

ARackAbove Quality

ARackAbove had to be manufactured in America. It was not an option. Constructed of high strength, corrosion-resistant aluminum, the 1-car garage unit is engineer-certified to hold weight up to 1,000 lbs, while the 2-car unit holds up to 1,760 lbs.  ARackAbove engineering is provided by Celtic Engineering in Windermere, Florida. Celtic provides engineering for ARackAbove as well as the major theme parks locally and worldwide.

ARackAbove is the last overhead garage storage rack you will ever need to purchase. ARackAbove is easily disassembled and reinstalled in ANY garage.

No matter where life takes you, ARackAbove will be with you!