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“Every day I would come home and had to park my brand new truck in the driveway and walk past the piles of items on the garage floor preventing me from parking my vehicle in the garage. Further more, I had to walk past the scratches and dings on my wife’s car. These dings were from my kids trying to get their bikes out. I was frustrated to no end.

I had cleaned and reorganized so many times in the past, but it would just end up back in a messy pile. I struggled for a storage solution for a long time.

When we walked into your booth at the Orlando Home and Garden show, I knew I did not need to look any further. The concerns I had about other storage options were solved by A Rack Above. Your rack didn’t damage anything in my home. I love that I was able to adjust it to fit my garage needs. And, I have the ability to take it with me if I move. It really solved every one of my concerns!

The biggest reward is not just having our things out of the way and allowing me to park all three of the cars in my garage, but ARackAbove truly allows me to bring a different energy into my house when I get home.

There hasn’t been a day that has gone by that I haven’t smiled when I open my garage door. Pulling into my garage as it was intended, I carry that positive energy as I leave in the morning throughout my day and when I return home to be with my family. I love my garage!!”


The Carjaval Group

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“We needed more storage in our new garage. We spoke with Steve Schindehette from ARackAbove at the Orlando Home Show a few weeks ago. He patented this storage system that’s free standing and can hold so much stuff! The shelf is 48″ wide. Definitely helps with organization.”



“Leaving our cars in the driveway not only damaged the vehicles but was also uncomfortably hot whenever we got inside to drive anywhere. Getting our cars back in the garage has been such a relief. Without ARackAbove overhead storage, I’m not sure this would have been possible.”


“I chose ARackAbove after seeing Steve’s display at a local Orlando home show. The design is strong and well-engineered. I love that the design allows the rack to be moved around the garage as my needs change. The huge shelf meets my storage needs and if we move to a new home, we take it with us! The best part is I park my car under it. I also moved my work bench under it as well. I love being able to walk under it and work at my bench!”

Four Seasons Resident

Professional Photography

Aeronautical Engineer


“I was forced to give up my storage unit, and suddenly my garage was packed with stuff. There was no chance of ever getting my car in there. When I saw that my neighbor installed ARackAbove, I thought, ‘I need that!’ It’s the best thing I have ever done for my garage.”


“We needed more space than our 2-car garage offered. The ARackAbove system cleaned up the garage and exceeded my storage expectations. It’s ease of installation, and impressive strength made it well worth the cost.”


“I found myself struggling to operate a small business out of our garage as well as keep our personal things separate. ARackAbove has allowed us to easily organize our personal belongings separate from the business products. Our car is now in the garage and things are off the floor. We couldn’t be happier!”


Financial Services

KingKracken Adventure Bikes


“Moving into a smaller home meant I had less space to store items. I had no choice but to rent a 10×10 storage space. It was not the ideal situation. I saw ARackAbove at a home show. I was sold right there. After the installation, I was surprised at how much storage it actually provides. I was able to move a lot of stuff from my storage unit to the garage, resulting in moving to a smaller rental unit (saving money). It’s also great to have items closer without the need to go to the storage unit. Steve was extremely friendly, responsive and the install was quick and easy. HIGHLY recommend ARackAbove.”

Information Technology


Regain your garage on the way to a happier, more organized life. ARackAbove doubles your storage space immediately.
ARackAbove is simply the best garage accessory ever!