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Overhead Garage Storage Orlando

storage for garage orlando A Rack Above can help you finally get all of the clutter off your garage floor and onto an overhead garage storage in Orlando. If you’ve been searching and comparing storage racks, you’ve most likely discovered that they come in a wide range of price points and material options. Before you settle on an overhead storage solution, take a moment to see why A Rack Above is the best way to deal with boxes, bins, bags, and other items strewn across your garage floor. By putting them overhead, you’ll maximize the square footage of your garage and reclaim your work space.

3 Reasons to Get Organized In Your Garage

1. Do you have a hard time finding tools and other items in your garage space? The old adage ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’ is a simple reminder that organization saves us time. Having to rifle through piles of rubbish or overfilled bins can take time; there’s an easy and affordable solution that will allow you to create a clean and organized work area and eliminate the wasted time. A Rack Above has designed the best overhead garage storage in Orlando; key features include:

  • Fits one or two car garages
  • One-person assembly
  • Will not damage your garage
  • No drilling, no tools needed
  • Assembles with pins & clips
  • Resists corrosion
  • Designed to last a lifetime
  • 100% portable

2. If you’re like a lot of our customers at A Rack Above, you own a garage but park your vehicle in the driveway or out on the curb. When kids grow up and move out, they often leave behind momentos and personal possessions that need to be stored for a significant amount of time. If you’re a parent to a young adult, you understand such an issue. Instead of renting a storage unit, you can invest in A Rack Above and store everything up and out of the way. Whether it’s Christmas decorations that are taking up space, family treasures, yard tools, or other items, they’ll all fit on our rack.

3. Clutter is attractive to rodents and pests that are looking for a place to make their home. If you’ve noticed mice, roaches, ants, or other pests in your garage, you may be looking for a way to deter their presence. A Rack Above will give you back a clean garage floor space and help you better manage your space. Being able to sweep on a weekly basis and keep a closer lookout for pests will go far in maintaining a healthier garage.

Why is A Rack Above the Best overhead Garage Storage in Orlando?

Our garage storage system is made in the USA from high-grade metal; its innovative design is unlike anything else on the market today. Our 48” rack is height adjustable and can be customized to fully meet your needs. If you have questions about A Rack Above, we welcome your phone call at 407-474-1214. Click ‘Organize My Garage’ to send us a message through our website.


Overhead Garage Storage Orlando