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Garage Organization Orlando

organize garage orlandoMost of us would love a garage revamp because it would bring so much peace and zen to our storage needs. Some studies show that only 11% of the population is content with their current state, while the remaining could use deep cleaning and organizational systems.

A Rack Above will not judge you because garages tend to be the significant dumpsite for all our unused items, old stuff, and other irrelevant items we do not want to keep in the house. The good news is that no garage is beyond saving, even if it looks like a nightmare of chaos. We have several shelves to ease the organization and offer you a few tips to make the most of the storage units.

Tips for using storage racks

Divide your items into sections

Garages have many items that are too much to sort out when needed. The process of finding your high school photobook among a pile of old books and shoes will take a while, so why not use the racks to place everything in the right section?

Experts will tell you the easiest way is to pull everything out of the garage and sort them into zones, and the driveway is an excellent first-time placement for your items as you subdivide everything into respective groups. A few categorizations to consider for garage organization in Orlando include:

  • Sporting items
  • Gardening tools
  • DIY car repair and maintenance tools
  • Recycle bin to throw unwanted items
  • Old clothes

Fit all of these into as many boxes as possible, which you will place on the rack for a neat and clear arrangement.

Use the ceiling

Try using the ceiling to keep the clutter and get the home as neat as possible by installing racks for garage organization in Orlando. A ceiling storage system is better because you save space along the walls and on the ground when you have minimal space to walk around or keep an extra vehicle.

Our racks can store many things as long as they fall within the weight limit. You can also hang items like hangers on the bottom of the racks because of the horizontally aligned structures, which hold the items at the top.

Using a ceiling rack makes the entire garage a more workable space, where you can do a lot of other activities without tripping or skipping over boxes.

Switch the cabinet for a rack

A rack goes a long way in making extra space for all your extra needs. Some of these cabinets look great and work great too, but they can be limiting if they do not have reasonable partitions for you to stack extra items. A rack goes a long way in creating space for what you desperately need to store more giant boxes by allowing you to add another rack below it to hold even more boxes.

Are you convinced that garage organization is more accessible with racks? Check out our gallery and videos online, and call (407) 474-1214  for pricing information.

Garage Organization Orlando