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Garage Ceiling Storage

garage storageThere are many storage options, and the average homeowner will use their garage for both their vehicle and tools. A little innovation usually involves using boxes and cabinets to organize the items, so the space looks a little bigger and more organized. The only problem is that boxes will always fill up faster, and you are likely to have more items lurking in the corners and making a bigger mess.

The more innovative solution is to create a garage storage ceiling that adds some sortation to the home and more space for more items. It helps you be more careful about how and where you put your tools, especially when choosing an installer who can rig your space with better planning choices.

Everything about the garage ceiling storages

First, we have to decide where we will install the units by considering the following factors:

  • Assessing the space to get the correct dimensions
  • Determine the best height to hang the space
  • Make sure the storage does not interfere with essential spaces in the garage
  • Choose a pathway of how you can access the garage

We look at only a few things before choosing and installing ceiling storage. Let us explore them to understand better which ceiling storage to use.

How we choose a ceiling garage storage

The size and location of the unit

Our experience is that storage units must have precise measurements to match your ceiling. Some manufacturers will typically produce smaller units, with the idea that they will always fit any garage. The downside is that these units can be small and shelf-like, so they will not help your storage case.

The storage location also means you should get a unit that maximizes the space and keeps everything functional and fitting. The choice for the location depends on the garage and how you can open the ceiling. Please leave it to us to identify the best options before presenting them to you for final consideration.

Attachment style

How will the storage be secure to the ceiling? One way is to drill it to the ceiling or use angled iron to hold the weight. A Rack Above chooses the attachment style depending on the storage needs and maximum weight expected in the area. It doesn’t hurt to assume the storage will hold more than it should, so we can choose an attachment that maintains integrity no matter the threat of the weight.


Do you want to climb up the storage with a ladder? Or use a motorized system to hoist and lift the rack so you can access it at different heights? The latter is better, but we must confirm that it is safe and easy for your storage.

It is time to clear up your garage and make your home neat and comforting. Be sure to check out our videos online of different storage units, and call +1-407-4741-214 for more information.


Garage Ceiling Storage