2 Car Garage Rack


ARackAbove far exceeds traditional ceiling mounted overhead storage in so many ways. 

1) It extends the width of your 2-car garage. 

2) Consumes only inches of floor space.

3) Provides easy access to your items without obstruction or the need for a ladder.

4) ARackAbove unit holds 1,760 pounds of weight, with no stress load or damage to your home. 

Assembly: 1.5 hours

Tools Needed: Socket, Crescent Wrench, and a Level (power drill with socket for faster assembly).

Rack Construction: Telescoping, architectural aluminum.

Mesh Decking/Shelving: Steel. 48 inches X 58 inches.

Rack Width:  17.5 ft - 22.0 ft adjustable.

Height: 7 ft - 11 ft adjustable.

Total Depth of Rack Supports: 50 inches

Shelf Depth: 48 inches

Shelf Height: Manually Set. Adjustment every 4 inches.

Additional Storage: Integrated Peg Board on Both Sides of the Rack.

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Why ARackAbove is Your Easiest and Best Bet for Overhead Storage