1 Car Garage Rack


ARackAbove far exceeds traditional ceiling mounted overhead storage.

1) It extends the width of your garage.

2) Consumes only inches of floor space.

3) Provides easy access to your items without obstruction or the need for a ladder.

4) ARackAbove unit holds 1,000 pounds of weight, with no stress load or damage to your home.

Assembly: 1.25 hours

Tools Needed: Socket, Crescent Wrench, and a Level (power drill with socket for faster assembly).

Rack Construction: Telescoping, architectural aluminum.

Mesh Decking/Shelving: Steel. 48 inches X 58 inches

Rack Width:  9.5 ft - 12.0 ft adjustable.

Height: 7 ft - 11 ft adjustable.

Total Depth of Rack Supports: 50 inches

Shelf Depth: 48 inches

Shelf Height: Manually Set. Adjustment every 4 inches

Additional Storage: Integrated Peg Board on Both Sides of the Rack

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A Little Help from above

Why ARackAbove is Your Easiest and Best Bet for Overhead Storage