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About ARackAbove

Meet Orlando Creator, Steve Schindehette

ARackAbove is the creation of Steve Schindehette of Orlando, FL.  Steve is a long time entreprenuer and holds two patents for his overhead garage storage design, ARackAbove.


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Seeking a Simple Solution For Everyday Clutter

After down sizing, motorcycles, bicycles, a work bench, tools, shelves, and much more, occupied the majority of their storage unit floor.

Steve and his wife found themselves constantly moving items back and forth in order to move vehicles or get what they needed. After months of frustration, Steve began seeking solutions to get items off the floor. A standard shelving unit was not an option. Shelving units eat up floor space. One day he looked up and pondered “how can I utilize this space over my head?”  He could not drill into the ceiling or walls without consequences from the storage facility.  That’s when he sought to come up with a solution for overhead storage without defacing any surfaces.

A Revolution in Space Saving Ingenuity

With construction know how, Steve built a prototype rack which proved successful. The concept of ARackAbove was proven!

After months of research is became clear that there is nothing like ARackAbove in the garage storage market.

After several prototypes he landed on a strong, lightweight aluminum, and portable overhead garage storage solution.

The simple need to “utilize that space above,” brought forth an amazing product for overhead garage storage industry.

Steve knows that anyone seeking a storage solution will find ARackAbove “above the competition” and will experience the same happiness and satisfaction he feels everytime he opens the door to his garage.

ARackAbove has been granted 2 US patents.

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What Satisfied Customers Are Saying about ARackAbove

  • "I was forced to give up my storage unit, and suddenly my garage was packed with stuff. There was no chance of ever getting my car in there. When I saw that my neighbor installed ARackAbove, I thought, “I need that!” It’s the best thing I have ever done for my garage.”

    Linette - Retired
  • “I found myself struggling to operate a small business out of our garage. ARackAbove has allowed us to easily organize our personal belongings separate from the business products. Our car is in the garage and things are off the floor. We couldn’t be happier!”

    Dan - KingKracken Adventure Bikes
  • “We needed more space than the 2-car garage offered. The ARackAbove system cleaned up the garage and exceeded my storage expectations. It’s ease of installation, and impressive strength held everything I could put on it.”

    Tony - Financial Services
  • I chose ARackAbove after seeing Steve’s display at a local Orlando home show. The design is strong and well-engineered. I love that the design allows the rack to be moved around the garage as my needs change. The huge shelf meets my storage needs and if we move to a new home, we can take it with us! 
    The best part is I park my car under it. I also moved my work bench under the rack as well. I love being able to walk under it and work at my bench!

    Steve - Aerospace Engineer  
  • "Leaving our cars in the driveway not only damaged the vehicles but was also uncomfortably hot whenever we got inside to drive anywhere. Getting our cars back in the garage has been such a relief. Without ARackAbove, I don’t think this wouldn’t have been possible."

    Martin - Professional Photographer

Frequently Asked Questions

  • ARackAbove is so easy to assemble one person can do it! It creates quick, very large, strong and accessible overhead storage. You will quickly be able to reclaim your space and possibly get your car in the garage.

  • No, it’s the ideal storage solution for any location that could benefit from utilizing the space overhead or where defacing walls and ceilings is not an option. ARackAbove has endless applications. If you can think it, ARackAbove will fit it!

    1. The price for ARackAbove is a fraction of those costly garage organization systems that will most likely stay with your home when you leave.
    2. ARackAbove goes with you when you relocate.
    3. You won’t need to buy another storage solution in your lifetime. In fact, you may have the kids arguing over who gets it!
    4. If you are renting a storage unit, ARackAbove may help reduce the need for renting larger or even additional units saving you thousands of dollars each year in storage fees.